Skull Lab


Skull Lab


This package has been designed to give you flexibility in customizing the bone tint color of the skulls. You can choose from several tints provided or create your own tint by utilizing the custom mobile shaders found in the set.

All teeth have been modeled individually, giving you the creative freedom to tilt, tip, show or hide teeth. Like the skull, you can color them with several custom tints, make your own tints or use the gold mobile shader provided.

The jaw is set up to animate, open and close or hide if necessary.

We had so much fun designing the default skulls that we gave each of the prefabs a name.

There are so many possible combinations you can create with these skulls to make them uniquely yours.

8 unique bone tints provided
8 default skull prefabs for high, medium and low polygon levels
10 sets of teeth prefabs
34 Individually modeled teeth

Plus lots of cool science lab stuff including test tubes, beakers a clip board and science table!

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